If Bear Simulator was successfully Kickstarted, and if Goat Simulator is something that is real, why not tackle the Official Internet Mascot as well? That’s right folks, a Cat Simulator game can become a reality for those who have more cash than sense. There isn’t much in the way of any gameplay described on their page, but I’m assuming there will be at least a napping mode and, if we’re truly blessed, a butt licking ability.

There’s a trailer of sorts you can witness below featuring over 20 seconds of cat models spinning to the tune of Nyan Cat (warning: turn those speakers down). Admittedly though, the cat models do look pretty good. Hopefully, the generically named Game Teams Studio can deliver on all these promises of customizable kitties, animal friends, and… Oculus Rift support? Those crazy Canadians.

OK, so I’m all for pseudo experimental gameplay but these “simulator” games are getting a bit ridiculous. Seriously, the design doc for this game is “be a cat” — what does that even mean? Goat Simulator at least was marketed as a joke, which quickly got out of hand. I assume — should Cat Simulator achieve its goals — that the game will be just another gimmicky title that offers a few minutes of WTF playtime ultimately clogging up your Steam list. I’m personally waiting for that shark jumping simulator.