Perhaps developer Zombie Studios got a little too scared while finishing up Daylight — the latest in first person horror — as they’ve announced a slight release push to late April. The culprit behind the delay appears to be the procedural generation of the environment. According to the press release, procederual design “helped the team by streamlining the environment creation” but requires a bit more time to ensure that scares pop to their best effect. The good news is that Atlus is assuaging players with a special promotional price or 9.99 for PS+ members and 11.99 for the sweaty plebes. PC players will also get a discount for pre-ordering. You gotta act fast though, because the reduced price is only good for a fortnight.


Platform(s): PC, PS4
Release Date: April 29, 2014
Developer: Zombie Studios
Publisher: Atlus

Oh, yeah, there’s also a new trailer or something.

The new release date is April 29th for PC and PS4.

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