As writer Sina Grace told FreakSugar, the new Iceman miniseries is about Bobby Drake being out as a gay mutant man, and he’s told his tale beautifully. In our EXCLUSIVE preview of Iceman #4, we see Bobby begin to plan a mutant pride parade, bringing an issue that’s sure to be fun and poignant.

ICEMAN #4 cover

ICEMAN #4 page 1

ICEMAN #4 page 2

ICEMAN #4 page 3

ICEMAN #4 page 4

ICEMAN #4 page 5

Iceman #4 goes on sale Wednesday, December 19th, from Marvel Comics.

From the official issue description:

New York is finally throwing its first Mutant Pride Parade! But it may also be the last, as Mr. Sinister escalates his attacks on Iceman!