Welcome to the FreakCast Ep. 2 – hope you enjoyed the long weekend! I mean, of course you did – it was a long weekend. Let me rephrase that: I hope you and your liver survived the long weekend!

Like a worm burrowing its way into your brain, Clint, Jed, and I are looking to put our mind-words into your thought-brain now that you’re logy from the weekend bacchanal.

Clint spends some time with the Silent Hills demo, PT and offers up some thoughts (although you should really watch his playthrough); I try to contain my excitement about the prospect of another Sniped-up Blade movie; we take another go-round at the old “Nintendo is terrible at naming things” game and the New 3DS; finally, we explain the entire Saints Row franchise to Jed!

Finally, a quick note: in the last part of the podcast, we talk about about the current ruckus going on in both the gaming and comics spaces involving the participation of women. Some of our thoughts here (mostly mine) are pretty pointed and I just wanted to clarify: if you feel that the only way to “defend” gaming or whatever little pop culture territory you love is to harass, insult, and otherwise terrorize people standing up for representation and social justice, then allow me to show you the door: you’re not welcome here, your comments will be deleted, your tweets will be muted.

We’re building something exciting here, and we’ll admit that with our all-male editorial team, we need to be doing much better in terms of inclusiveness (and we will), but that doesn’t mean we won’t be out there showing as many different facets and voices from our pop culture as possible (I’m really excited to share with you some interviews with the ladies of the cast of Hannibal along with the co-founder of Suicide Girls – two very, very different corners of this thing that we love).

FreakSugar is for everyone, y’all. Except for the misogynists and creeps. You guys can peace out.

Thanks, and enjoy the show.