The first volume of Snotgirl was a joy of a book, scratchy eyes and allergic reactions and all. This May, the creative team of Bryan Lee O’Malley (who created a little book called Scott Pilgrim) and Leslie Hung will return to the story of fashion blogger and allergy sufferer Lottie Person as she attempts to embrace life to the fullest in Los Angeles. However, while the tale is based in L.A., Hung and O’Malley want to take a different tact than what we see in a typical L.A. yarn.

“The classic LA story is someone moving to Hollywood to make it big,” said Hung. “We want to tell a different story, about what it’s like to start here, born and raised in the heart of image-obsessed California.”

If you loved the humor and angst of the first Snotgirl installment, O’Malley and Hung look to be injecting that much more into volume 2, with death peeking around the corner yet again to make Lottie Person’s life full of complications.

Snotgirl Volume 2: California Screaming hits comic shops on May 23rd and bookstores on May 29th. And if you happen to want to learn more and speak with the creators, check out their tour dates below:

Wednesday, May 30th

New York, NY

6:00 PM

Barnes & Noble Discussion & Signing

97 Warren St

NOTE: Emily Yoshida from New York Magazine/ Vulture will moderate a q and a with the co-creators.


Friday, June 8th

Huntington Beach, CA

7:00 PM

Barnes & Noble Discussion & Signing

7881 Edinger Ave, Huntington Beach, CA 92647


Sunday, June 10th

San Diego/ Mira Mesa, CA

2:00 PM

Barnes & Noble Discussion & Signing

10775 Westview Pkwy, CA 92126


Friday, June 22

Los Angeles, CA

7:30 PM

Skylight Books Discussion & Signing

1818 N Vermont Ave