Season one of Netflix’s GLOW, inspired by the real-life 1980s Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling, was a favorite among fans and critics, so much so that it earned eight Primetime Emmy nominations just two months ago. Much like its first season, Netflix’s sophomore season of GLOW has earned rave reviews, continuing the fictionalized account of novice female wrestlers attempting to put together their own league.

Despite all of this much-deserved adulation, it was up in the air whether the series would get back in the ring for a third season; that is, until this week, when Netflix announced that GLOW would indeed return for a third go on the mat. It’s way too early for the wherefores and whens and hows, but it’s comforting to know that the ladies will be back for more comedy, drama, and body slams.

Seasons one and two of GLOW are now streaming on Netflix.

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