As the superstores seem to remind us earlier and earlier every year, Christmas is fast approaching. (Seriously, next year I expect Walmart and Target to start putting out their holiday decorations right after St. Patrick’s Day. You’re on notice, Walmart.) If you’re trying to decide what to get the Star Trek fans in your life, but know they already own every movie, series collection, and have their own captain’s chair, don’t fret. RockLove has you covered with the launch of its own Star Trek line of jewelry sure to set stun your loved ones.

The sterling silver jewelry (really, they couldn’t get polyduranium?), produced by RockLove and its owner Allison Hourcade, is all handmade, meaning you won’t be getting of that replicated crap like you’d see on the Enterprise. Hourcade envisioned the jewelry to be wearable and understated for the average Trek fan, yet sophisticated and clever enough to stand out from the replica Green Lantern ring you wear on casual Fridays.

The RockLove has many standout pieces, including the Klingon medallion necklace, available in sterling silver and brass, and the “To Boldly Go” ring, which could easily double as engagement ring. (“I’ll take you to the moon, baby!”). However, as RockLove notes, the real piece de resistance of the line is the stackable Enterprise ring, with detachable engine and saucer sections. The versatility of the ring allows wearers to don the ring with full Enterprise intact, or with just the saucer section or engine, or with none of the ship’s components at all.

Frankly, while all of the pieces are stunning, the one I’m most excited about is the phaser charm, which has the words “kill” and “stun” etched on either side. It’s got the whimsy of an emotion-chipped Data while having the reserve of a Captain Picard lost in thought while reading an old Dickens novel. (Yep, I know this jewelry is based on the original series and I just referenced Next Generation. WHUT.)

The RockLove Star Trek jewelry is available for preorder at Keep an out on the site for updates and additional info regarding concerning the release.