I’m not even really sure what’s going on in the second trailer for Superhot, but I do know that I’m really digging it.

So what is Superhot? If you couldn’t tell by the simplistic graphics and borderline experimental gameplay, it’s an indie shooter/puzzle dealie of sorts which is part Max Payne, part Portal where the basic mission is to blast all the red bad guys. The twist is that time runs super slow when you’re not moving and returns to regular speed once you pick up your feet. This creates quirky situations where you’ll need to think about where you’re bullet is going while judging your opponent’s shots in relation to yourself.

Also, it looks great with simplistic but punchy graphics which keep the focus on the puzzle elements.

You can also check out some of the gameplay here – just keep in mind that this is a trial version based on old code, so you’ll also need Unity to run it.

At any rate, Superhot looks to be a promising title with a couple of neat tricks up its sleeve. Oh, and it’s reached its 100K benchmark on Kickstarter. If you still wish to throw some support to the devs, they’re promising some bonus modes and features for meeting higher budget tiers.