With Warner Bros’ Aquaman–starring Jason Momoa as Justice League member Arthur Curry and telling the tale of his past and present–premiering in just over a month, the film company released the final trailer for the film, which is brimming with high fantasy, sci-fi spectacle, and a good amount of Aquaman’s undersea home of Atlantis.



Director James Wan is really going with the sci-fi aspect of the story, which may be to his advantage, looking to what the briney deep has to offer in terms of the fantastical. Folks who had complaints about the darkness of Batman v. Superman and Justice League–both in tone and in actually coloring–look to be in for a very pleasant surprise. The colors, from Arthur’s iconic orange suit to the green of Mera’s garb pop off the screen and everyone involved looks to be having actual fun. Fake or not, we’ll take it. (Full disclosure: I have not been interested in this film in the least until precisely this trailer. Fingers crossed that my hope isn’t misplaced.)

Aquaman hits theaters on December 21st. Amazon Prime members will have the opportunity to see an advanced screening on December 15th at 7:00 PM.