It’s a truism that the future we perceive and are working toward often isn’t the one that we get. Frank and Claire Underwood, the President and First Lady on Netflix’s acclaimed drama House of Cards, look to be understanding that all too well, judging from the newly released trailer for season 4.

Once each other’s best friend, loyal confidante, and partner-in-crime, Frank and Claire found themselves at an impasse at the end of season 3, with Claire dissatisfied with what little she feels she’s gained in helping her husband take hold of the highest office in the land. While she threatened to leave the President at the climax of the season finale, the season 4 trailer is ambiguous as to whether Claire stayed by her husband’s side. However, if the exchange between the two during the one-minute teaser is to be believed, their mutual acrimony could be cut with a Civil War saber.

The entire fourth season of House of Cards, starring Kevin Spacey, Robin Wright, Neve Campbell, and Ellen Burstyn, hits Netflix on Friday, March 4th.