Climbing through a hole in a rusted chain link fence, working my way onto private property, and settling in for photographs at an abandoned factory, is just a typical Saturday afternoon when I have some new threeA figures! For the last few years, my admiration of Ashley Wood’s particular brand of toy has grown into an outright addiction, but getting my fix by ordering through the threeA site has been maddening at times. Thankfully, some figures from WWR, Adventure Kartel, Popbot, and others have been making their way to online retailers, and I just so happen to have picked up a couple color schemes of the latest: 1/12th scale WWRP Caesar!

Like most threeA releases, the only background for this model is located on the packaging:

Cowards die many times before their actual deaths.

He watched and studied the movement of… Caesar… Yes, that was a good name… Rothchild would have been disappointed if Caesar had just struck out, animalistic and desperate, but the machine didn’t, it quickly processed long lists of speculative questions and possible solutions. Then Caesar’s stance relaxed, none of these “things” were a threat; it didn’t need to offer any type of response that would be too revealing and expected. Rothchild beamed, a hint of color in his gaunt, pale face. A proud father, he knew that he had finally made the robot he had dreamed of as a child to protect him.

It was a good day for Rothchild, the thought of his own internal police of terrible children, and of course a lesser version of Caesar for the war machine, a machine he dearly loved.

Vein Vidi Vici

The sculpt of both versions are identical…like two bad-ass siblings, but with neither being the “ugly one”. The body is cylindrical with arms and legs that are surprisingly proportionate considering the usual styles of WWR like the Bramble. Single or dual shields extend over the length of the arms, allowing for protection from projectiles while moving in for the kill, and the fingers are long and slender, showing the more refined capabilities of the Caesar over their clunkier brethren. Also, their crotch area contains what appears to be an exhaust port. Fitting. They fit in perfectly with the rest of 3A’s mechanical army and the Caesar is quickly becoming my favorite model.

The paint schemes are what really set the various Caesar versions apart (besides the number of shields) from one another. The BcELL version is all dolled up in red and white, with black accents for the logos. The AUS Republic Defense Caesar is green and yellow. Both appear scratched all to hell in what I am guessing to be a hundred-thousand paint applications…or a number far, far lower. I have no awareness of math OR time! My favorite bits are the appearances of hot asphalt splatters that mar the shields of the AUS Republic robot.

Articulation points on these war machines are very plentiful, which is paramount when it comes to tracking and killing human scum. F**k people! Robots rule! *ahem* Anyway, as I was saying, a swivel head, dual ball-joint shoulders, ball-joint shield(s), swivel biceps, hinged elbows, ball-joint wrists, ball-joint & hinged fingers (yep, every damn finger joint moves independently), swivel waist, ball-joint hips, hinged knees, ball-joint ankles, and hinged feet provide more articulation than I have in MY actual body. Their joints are also way tighter…

All versions of the Caesar come equipped with a variety of weapons, some moreso than others. The AUS Republic version has all of it, so I’m gonna just list his arsenal:

  • Big Pam: It has the shape and design of a .45 pistol, but much, much larger in order to fit the mechanical grasp of the Caesar.
  • Harmonic Knife: For stabbing. It’s tough to get it to fit tightly in the hands due to its thin hilt, but can also be stored in a sheath located on the M.O.L.L.E. Gear.
  • Claxton 80: A top loading heavy machine gun with a removable magazine, this weapon has also been released with a number of other WWRp rust buckets.
  • Bertie SMRTGUN: This is my favorite of the bunch. It also has a removable magazine and simply looks like it could do a ton of damage when cradled in the stell-plated arms of humanity’s destroyers.
  • M.O.L.L.E. Harness: this load-bearing gear is made of cloth and has Velcro closures on all of the pouches. A holster and sheath are included for the pistol and knife, although there’s no way the figure could quick draw either of them with the way they’re positioned. The loincloth beneath has a wire sewn inside to allow for dynamic posing… and for exposing the crotch. Duh.

At the end of the day, photos were taken, robots were played with, and the law never got involved. I’ll chalk that up as one in the win column. These Caesars definitely scratched my 3A itch, but now I need more. While only costing around 65 bucks each, keep in mind that the original versions (sold on, will run a lot higher on the aftermarket. Be sure to keep an eye on for all of the past and upcoming releases!

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