We’ve known since this March that Marvel’s X-Men books will relaunch later this year for its “From the Ashes” umbrella of books, the new iteration of X-titles following the close of the “Krakoan Era” comics. During the announcement, we were told that two of those titles would be a relaunch of both X-Factor and Wolverine, but no release date as to when.

But now we do. Just today, the House of Ideas gave start dates for those titles, with X-Factor coming this August and Wolverine hitting this September.



The tagline coupling the X-Factor announcement states “Officially sanctioned to protect a world that hates and fears loves and adores them,” with the strikethrough in the original. Does “officially sanctioned” suggest another X-Factor team working with the government, as we’ve seen in years past, stretching back to writer Peter David’s original run on the book? And if so, who would work with the U.S. at this point? And given the climate in the Marvel Universe regarding mutants at this time, “loves and adores” seems like a huge shift.


The government-sponsored X-Factor group from Peter David and Larry Stroman’s X-FACTOR comic, 1991


As for Wolverine, the tagline states, “He’d kill for some alone time, but the fight always finds him.”



Hopefully we’ll get word soon about who will be the creative teams on the books and more details about what to expect in their pages.