While we still don’t know when season 4 of Black Mirror, Netflix’s Twilight Zone for the 21st century, will debut, the streaming service has been eking out teases in anticipation of new episodes dropping TBD. And, thanks to a new one-minute trailer, we have some info about what to expect from one those chapters, “Crocodile.”

Memory is an imperfect thing and the tech featured in the trailer appears to be able to side-step the dangers of recalling events incorrectly, like a hit-and-run. Or does it? Can technology really circumvent the muddled, muddy bog that memory can be? Is the human mind that easily navigable? We’ll have to wait and see the episode’s final word on the matter when Black Mirror returns… sometime soon.

Also check out the newest poster for “Crocodile”:

BLACK MIRROR “Crocodile” episode poster


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