I could start out this article by saying we’ve entered the “darkest timeline,” but that would ring false. Community, the little show that could and did, had a phenomenal six-season run. And, according to series star Joel McHale in a recent interview with Metro Weekly, that sixth season will be its last.

Community, which was picked up for a sixth season by Yahoo! Screen among a swirl of fanfare and an aggressive advertising campaign, was not cancelled by the site’s series streaming service. Rather, the nail in the coffin boiled down to a matter of contracts. According to McHale

They wanted to. But all of our contracts were up after six years.

On a personal note, I can’t feel anything but gratitude that the fans got as many seasons as we did out of this show. For me, it hit every high-note I want from a sitcom: heart, laughs, and nerves of steel to try anything to bring the funny, no matter how out of left field the idea might be. I will always credit Community for teaching me lessons about humanity and what I want to create from my own writing.

That said, can we expect the “a movie” promise that the #SixSeasonsAndAMovie meme has promised and has been a rallying cry for Community fans. While series creator Dan Harmon said back in June that he really couldn’t consider it “until he missed Community,” McHale is hopeful, saying that he really believes that a movie will come to fruition.

You can catch the entire sixth season of Community now on Yahoo! Screen.

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