Back in July at the San Diego Comic-Con, Netflix released its first teaser trailer for Marvel’s Iron Fist, featuring Finn Jones (Game of Thrones) as Danny Rand/Iron Fist, the chi-wielding kung-fu master and superhero, looking none too happy. Or clean. Or shaven. Well, if the recently dropped set images from the series are any indication, add “gaping side wound” to his list of worries to give him the grumpies.

While in the comics, Danny’s mystical powers allow him to use his chi to heal things like gaping side wounds, perhaps he either won’t have that ability in the Netflix series or just hasn’t learned to channel his chi in that manner at this point. Either way, considering how sour Mr. Rand has looked thus far in every clip and image we’ve seen, Iron Fist looks like he could use an Iron Hug.

Iron Fist, starring Finn Jones, hits Netflix year, before the debut of Marvel’s Defenders.

While you wait, be sure to check out the teaser trailer from SDCC!