With the Deadpool feature film starring Ryan Reynolds hitting theaters in just under a month, 20th Century Fox has been amping up the aggressive ad campaign to get viewers excited to see the titular Merc with a Mouth dole out the violence and the sass. However, in a latest PSA video produced with the testicular cancer awareness organization Ballboys, Reynolds gets serious-ish and uses his own brand of irreverence to get men to checking their “smooth criminals” for lumps that could be tale-tell signs of cancer.

Although testicular cancer is quite serious, it’s very much curable with early detection. While Reynolds’ Deadpool may not be the first person you’d expect to dole out sound advice, here his humor is spot-on, grabbing viewers’ attention to (lightly) grab their happy sacs and help catch testicular cancer early on. Never would have put “testicular cancer PSA” and “Deadpool” together, but this is probably the best use of a comic book character to promote a worthy cause I’ve seen in quite some time. Bravo to all involved.

Deadpool hits theaters in less than a month on February 12th.