Some of the best apocalyptic tales center on hope… even if that hope is hanging by a thread.

That’s something that writer Scott Snyder (Batman; Nocterra; Clear), his son Jack Snyder, and artist Valeria Favoccia (Lux) know well, pouring that sensibility into their Comixology Originals YA series By a Thread, on sale now. By a Thread follows kids who are searching for respite and a safe place to live while thrust in the middle of apocalyptic despair. The series features a compelling tale with fully fleshed-out characters from the Snyders, and the Favoccia brings a design to the entire book that’s equal parts dynamic and unsettling, with neither overpowering the other.



In honor of the release of the concluding chapter of the first arc this week, Comixology was kind enough to give FreakSugar an exclusive glimpse at Valeria Favoccia’s music playlist for the end-of-the-world romp! Check out the list below, with YouTube links to the songs as well as Favoccia’s explanation for why they included the songs that they did. The whole list is fire, with songs from artists ranging from Rihanna to Meduza to Nothing But Thieves and more!


“Hanging” – Nothing But Thieves

When I first heard the name of our series, this song came to my mind because of a lyrics’ line. Also, it is quite nostalgic, which is the mood that I’m trying to chase during the whole book.

“Ludens” – Bring me The Horizon

This comes out directly from Death Stranding’s OST, it was written during the Pandemic so it’s quite furious, desperate and a battle cry. I immediately thought about Jo, our main character of the story, I thought that he could perfectly fit those lyrics and sounds.

“Tell It To My Heart” – Meduza


This is quite melancholic while being catchy. When I started this project I made a playlist and I included this one too because I loved the huge energy, but it is also so moving and deep. I liked the contrast while being perfectly balanced, something I’m trying to do on By A Thread—be funny with lots of action but also deep and profound. Also, Meduza is an Italian group who loves F1 (like me) :D!

“Fine” – Mike Shinoda


A world on fire and that’s collapsing, while singing that everything will be fine? Yup, that’s perfect.

“Diamonds” – Rihanna


By a Thread #4 is on sale now from Comixology! You pick can up the collected collection in paperback on December 17, 2024.

From the official description for the series:

In By a Thread, ten years ago a deadly and mysterious infection spread across the Earth’s terrain, forcing humankind to live in communities precipitously built above the ground.

Growing up on Needle Three, Jo barely remembers a time before darkness enveloped the world. But when our hero’s community comes under attack by the despotic Charon and his forces, Jo and his friends must decide whether or not to venture across the wasteland in search of a safe haven as the world hangs by a thread.