On Wednesday, February 22ndDark Horse Comics‘ Dead Mall #4, from the creative team of writer Adam Cesare, artist David Stoll, and letterer Justin Birch hits newsstands and digital, featuring the exciting, mind-bending conclusion of this warped, frightening affair. Will everyone survive the ordeal? Will the Dead Mall consume them all? This series has been a joy for horror fans, with CesareStoll, and Birch delivering a delightfully demented and fear-inducing tale that is rarity in the four-colored world of comics.

Check out these preview pages of Dead Mall #4 that Dark Horse Comics shared exclusively with FreakSugar! And be sure to read our interview with series writer Adam Cesare!

DEAD MALL #4 cover

DEAD MALL #4 page 1

DEAD MALL #4 page 2

DEAD MALL #4 page 3

DEAD MALL #4 page 4

DEAD MALL #4 page 5


Dead Mall #4 goes on sale Wednesday, February 22nd, from Dark Horse Comics.

From the official issue description:

The surreal reality of the mall continues to morph as the survivors struggle to escape. With their surroundings becoming a distorted living architecture they must fight their lost friends . . . now monstrously mutated. Will our heroes make it out alive or will they be forever entombed within the Dead Mall?