Falcon #3, written by Rodney Barnes with Joshua Cassara on art, goes on sale Wednesday, December 13th, with Sam Wilson contending with a collision of politics and the supernatural in the form of Blackheart–Mephisto’s son–who is masquerading as Chicago’s mayor. Check out these exclusive preview pages that Marvel was kind enough to share!

FALCON #3 cover

FALCON #3 page 1

FALCON #3 page 2

FALCON #3 page 3

FALCON #3 page 4

FALCON #3 page 5

Barnes’ words and Cassara’s pencils are a perfect alchemy of tight storytelling that vascillates between the realistic and the chilling. Setting Blackheart up as Falcon’s antagonist isn’t an obvious move, but it fits so organically that you can’t believe nobody hasn’t paired the two before. It’s that kind of inspired move that has made Falcon a fun ride so far.

Falcon #3, written by Rodney Barnes with Joshua Cassara on art, is on sale Wednesday, December 13th, from Marvel Comics.

From the official issue description:

Posing as the Mayor of Chicago, Blackheart, son of Mephisto, has declared the Falcon Public Enemy No. 1. Can Sam find a way to save the souls of the people of Chicago before the law catches up to him? Or will the Demon Prince prevail in his plan to possess the world?