Matt Kindt has been a trusted name in horror comics–among several other genres–always producing stories that will unnerve you, challenge you, make you think, all while ensuring a wild, engaging yarn at the forefront. His latest comic Hairball–produced by his Flux House imprint and published by Dark Horse Comics–follows that tradition to frightening results. Written by Kindt with art by Tyler Jenkins and colored by Hilary JenkinsHairball focuses on a young girl who becomes suspicious of the family cat and its impact on the problems of her kin. The comic will leave you in knots and is best read in a dark room with cup of coffee nearby and at least one light on.

And the compelling discomfort continues in Hairball #3, debuting Wednesday, June 7th! Check out these preview page of Hairball #3 that Dark Horse Comics was kind enough to share exclusively with FreakSugar!

HAIRBALL #3 cover by Matt Kindt


HAIRBALL #3 variant cover by Laura Perez


HAIRBALL #3 page 1


HAIRBALL #3 page 2


HAIRBALL #3 page 3


HAIRBALL #3 page 4


HAIRBALL #3 page 5

Hairball #3 debuts Wednesday, June 7th, from Dark Horse Comics.

From the official issue description:

Determined to trap and kill her cat and put an end to the madness the beast is causing her family; the young girl begins to suspect killing the cat may not be possible or that it may not be a cat after all.


Writer: Matt Kindt
Artist: Tyler Jenkins
Colorist: Hilary Jenkins
Cover Artist: Matt Kindt