Folks who ruminate on the Great Next—what happens, if anything, when we pass on from this world—have questioned whether our idea of Heaven or a grand reward could ever meet the expectations of our imaginations. That, among other related matters, is one of the main foci of Ahoy Comics’ High Heaven, written by Tom Peyer and Austin Wilson with Greg Scott and Chris Giarusso on art. In the case of series star David Feathers, not only is Heaven less-than-ideal, it’s insufferable. And, after seeing the Paradise in which David finds himself in our exclusive preview of this week’s High Heaven #2, you may wonder yourself if he has a point.

HIGH HEAVEN #2 cover

HIGH HEAVEN #2 page 1

HIGH HEAVEN #2 page 3

HIGH HEAVEN #2 page 4

HIGH HEAVEN #2 page 5


High Heaven #2 is on sale this Wednesday, October 24th, from Ahoy Comics.

From the official issue description:


(W) Tom Peyer, Austin Wilson

(A) Greg Scott, Chris Giarrusso

(CA) Richard Williams

What’s worse than being sentenced to Hell? For self-pitying David Feathers, it’s an eternity in Paradise, where he runs afoul of a monstrous angel. EXTRA! The surly science-heroes of Hashtag: Danger adopt an alien pet! Plus a short story by Austin Wilson!