Marvel’s Spirit of Vengeance is rolling onto the set of Agents of SHIELD, and now we have a first look at his human host.

Dropping over at Entertainment Weekly, actor Gabriel Luna (True Detective) is in full costume–minus Ghost Rider’s signature flame-ensconced skull–as Robbie Reyes, the current iteration of Marvel’s hell-spawn hero. Folks who’ve only seen the Nicolas Cage Ghost Rider films or might not be up on Marvel’s current comic book titles could  possibly only be familiar with the version of the character who’s imbued with powers by Mephisto. However, Robbie Reyes is a young man from east Los Angeles who’s gunned down and is revived as Ghost Rider from a ghost inhabiting his car. (For real.)

Gabriel Luna as Robbie Reyes

Gabriel Luna as Robbie Reyes

As AoS tends to focus on the more scientific ends of the Marvel Cinematic and TV Universe, it’s unclear how much of the supernatural will factor into this version of the leather-clad sword of vengeance. However, with the inclusion of Doctor Strange into the MCU this fall, good money is on Ghost Rider staying somewhat faithful to his comic book roots.

Season four of Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD debuts Tuesday, September 20th at 10:00 PM.

Also be sure to check out the “found cellphone footage” of Ghost Rider Marvel just released:

[Source: Entertainment Weekly]