While we still aren’t clear on all the particulars of director and co-star John Krasinski and co-star Emily Blunt’s new horror/suspense thriller A Quiet Place, that silence on the matter seems particularly apt, given what we’ve seen of the first teaser in which everyone is being mum.

Sound is such an instrumental part in  making or breaking a suspense film, and it’ll be especially vital to a film that relies on using sound economically in service to the plot. If the trailer is any indication, Krasinski has been deliberate and thoughtful in considering the power of sound for A Quiet Place; when we do hear the characters react, it’s all the more gripping.

While it’ll be interesting to see how the wife-and-husband team’s off-screen chemistry translates to the camera–a hit-and-miss proposition with real world couples acting together–since the movie is more about the scares than the lovey-doveys, that shouldn’t be an issue. What’s more intriguing is how Krasinski will handle his stab at horror. Last year’s drama/comedy-ish The Hollars, which Krasinski directed, was met with a middling reception, but I thought he did a more-than-serviceable job navigating the script and bringing out the best in his actors.

A Quiet Place drops on April 6.