The nimble and fierce warrior known as Cheetara has long been a highlight of the ThunderCats franchise, and it’s little mystery as to why. She’s a strong character who wields a baton like it’s an extension of her arm, possesses a “sixth sense” that allows her to see visions, and is often the voice of reason among the ‘Cats. What’s not to love?

Earlier this year, Dynamite Entertainment launched a new ThunderCats comic book series to roaringly rave reviews. (Check out our interview with series writer Declan Shalvey here!) And this summer, Cheetara will be given her own time in the solo spotlight with a brand-new miniseries! In ThunderCats: Cheetara, writer Soo Lee and artist Domenico Carbone will explore Cheetara’s past before arriving on Third Earth, specifically her time as a young woman stuck in a life of nobility that feels too confining for her free spirit. In addition, readers will get to see a Thundera before its destruction, as well as her connection to Lion-O, the boy who will go on to be the ThunderCats’ leader.

I spoke with Soo Lee recently about where we find Cheetara at the beginning of ThunderCats: Cheetara, why Cheetara is so popular, where we find the warrior in the inaugural issue, and what we can expect later in the miniseries.

One of Soo Lee’s strengths is taking characters who have unknown or murky backstories and giving them weight and heft without it ever slowing down the story. Just look at her work with another Dynamite series, Disney Villains: Maleficent, for further proof. ThunderCats: Cheetara will follow that same pattern of caring character-building with Lee at the helm, no question.




FreakSugar: Before we get into the book, what is your personal history with the ThunderCats franchise?

Soo Lee: I started watching the cartoons and it’s always been in cultural relevance ever since. Especially the intro, so few American cartoons have intros that cool. It was a mix of anime and western cartoon.

FS: Where do we find Cheetara and the other ThunderCats at the beginning of your story?

SL: In OG Thundera, a few years before the very first episode of the series.

FS: What has been the fun with exploring Cheetara’s past pre-Third Earth?

SL: Working on Cheetara herself, is the best part honestly. She’s kind of a clean slate and a character who is kind of a mystery, but plays an important role in Lion-O’s life.



FS: Cheetara has always been a ThunderCats fan-favorite. What do you attribute to her popularity?

SL: She’s a strong woman and confident woman who also has some of the coolest powers in the series.

FS: Is there anything that has surprised you about Cheetara as you’ve worked on writing for her?

SL: Her powers that have never been elaborated on.

FS: Does working on this book make you want to tackle more stories in the ThunderCats’ world?

SL: Perhaps…

FS: Do you have any other projects coming down the pike that you would like to talk about?

SL: Carmilla: The Last Vampire Hunter, which is the second part to the Carmilla series. The reimagined version of the original book by Sheridan Le Fanu.



FS: Is there anything you can tease about what we can expect to see in Cheetara?

SL: I elaborate more on her hidden powers and how they might come in handy in the future.

FS: If you had one final pitch for the book, what would it be?

SL: It’s Cheetara, she’s fantastic. What more do I need to say?

ThunderCats: Cheetara #1 goes on sale Wednesday, July 3, 2024, from Dynamite Entertainment.

From the official issue description:

Cheetara of the ThunderCats is renowned as a fierce warrior, famous for her lightning-fast speed. But before her arrival on Third Earth… before the destruction of Thundera… she was a young woman wrapped in a stifling life of Thunderian nobility – a young woman with secrets.

Now, for the first time, those secrets will be revealed, as superstar creator SOO LEE (Disney Villains: Maleficent, Carmilla: The First Vampire) presents CHEETARA in her own solo series!

Lee and acclaimed artist DOMENICO CARBONE bring a lost world to life in ThunderCats: Cheetara, as the future warrior seeks to find her place in an unsure universe – and to understand why she’s seeing alarming visions of the ancient past, and the near future…

All-star artists SOZOMAIKA, LESLEY “LEIRIX” LI, REBECA PUEBLA, and EDWIN GALMON also join Lee in providing spectacular covers for this inaugural issue!