Let’s face it: the internet is as packed full of custom LEGO builds lately as it is porn, and like all those 10 second man-on-woman-on-man-on-man-on-pineapple-on-woman clips, it can be a little desensitizing after a while, no matter how incredible the build is. So, when something comes along that excites us and renews our passion for the endless possibilities of everyone’s favorite plastic building toys (sorry, Mega-Bloks), we’re gonna show it to you!

Behold becauseBATMAN‘s LEGO Stark Industries Armory in all it’s repulsor-powered glory! Look upon it’s countenance and know that a Master Builder has been at work!– or something like that. It’s cool, okay?! There’s a Hulkbuster for cryin’ out loud! Also, almost every Iron Man armor has been custom painted to represent pieces from Iron Man 3, with a few made-up ones tossed in for good measure.

This pile of bricks and genius can be found on becauseBatman‘s Flickr page, along with his other LEGO creations…some, fitting his namesake, featuring the Dark Knight.