Music has permeated the comic book world of superheroes in the past few decades. Whether it’s the symphonic masterpieces that accompany times of great action and peril in a comic book film or a rock band referencing their favorite characters in their ballads, it’s clear that superheroics and derring-do have only been positively impacted by this marriage of arts. World of Heroes, Stan Lee’s YouTube channel, recognizes this inextricable link between comics and music, as it has just released alternative rock band Never Let This Go’s lover letter to superheroes, the music video “Right Now.” Below is the official description of the video:

Stan Lee’s global YouTube network, World of Heroes, is pleased to exclusively release new music video “Right Now” today by alternative rock band Never Let This Go. World of Heroes is home to some of the best stories about heroes and the fans who love them, and “Right Now” will be premiered during the global “Original Superheroes And Heroines” tent-pole program in partnership with YouTube Space LA.

Never Let This Go’s “Right Now” narrative music video stars Alison Haislip (Team Unicorn) and Banks Boutte (Match), and is written/directed by Jennie Kong (Made By Maggie). The story follows a guy who falls for a troubled girl consumed by her new pyrokinesis ability, and struggles to find her place in this evolving superhuman world. Their union is tested when dark forces exploit superhumans for their own endgame. The music video style melds the director’s visual sensibility for magical realistic storytelling, with her love for comic book mythologies.

Superhero stories, particularly those of Stan Lee, have long been used as a way to speak to hopes and fears of their readers: the chance of love, the fear of rejection, the feeling of isolation. The music video for “Right Now” hits the right notes with coupling emotions that we all experience at one point or another with actor Alison Haislip’s super-powered character’s journey of self-discovery and reticence at expressing herself to those around her. The visuals and the words really complement one another, which is a testament to both the director of the video and Never Let This Go’s storytelling. And, while both could stand on their own, those words and visuals beautifully augment and enhance the effects of the other.

The music video for Never Let This Go’s “Right Now” is on Stan Lee’s World of Heroes YouTube channel now. While you’re there, be sure to check out other videos “The Man” has to offer!