In just a little over a month, the complete first season of Marvel‘s Jessica Jones, based on the beloved cult comic book Alias by Brian Michael Bendis, will hit Netflix, and fans have been jonesing for more teases and tastes of what the streaming series has to offer. As the November 20th air date looms ever closer, Marvel has been releasing a teaser trailer here, a few film stills there, all to build the excitement for the Krysten Ritter vehicle. In keeping with that trend, Netflix and Marvel treated us today with a new trailer that features Jessica’s chief protagonist, the Purple Man, played by Doctor Who‘s David Tennant.

Tennant played the Doctor with a quirkiness and lovableness that make him a favorite among those who have wielded the sonic screwdriver. However, just from the accented silkiness with which Tennant recites the Purple Man’s voiceover in the teaser, it’s clear that the actor will be further stretching his thespian legs to bring Jessica’s nemesis to life. Hell, other than a picture collage resembling his face, we don’t even see Tennant, as he brings a menace with nothing other than his words. That’s a good sign, as, in the comic, the Purple Man can be described as a sonuvabitch at best, a full-on fucking sadist at worst.

The entire first season of Marvel’s Jessica Jones hits Netflix at 12:01AM PT on November 20th.

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