Yesterday, Marvel dropped its initial announcement of books spinning out of its ResurrXion event, with word that the mutant Iceman would be getting his first solo series since his introduction to X-Men lore in 1963. Today, as expected, the House of Ideas released a cover for another new series starring familiar members of Homo sapiens superior.

This spring, Weapon X #1 will hit newsstands, but that’s about all we know, as Marvel has been a bit stingy with details. The cover the publisher released showcases mutants known to be connected to infamous Weapon Plus program–Wolverine, X-23, Sabretooth, Sauron, and who appears to be Caliban–but that’s exactly the extent of our foreknowledge. Will the book be a callback to those characters, but forging ahead with its own new batch of unfortunate victims of the program? Will the series feature a revolving door of stories that connect to Weapon Plus? All conjecture.

But what isn’t surprising is the list of some of the characters who’ve popped up on the cover. Wolverine, Caliban, and X-23 look to all feature prominently in next March’s film Logan and, or course, Deadpool is more popular than ever, thanks to the recent Ryan Reynolds vehicle. Again, it’s all wait-and-see at this point.

Weapon X #1 hits newsstands this spring from Marvel.