painkiller-jane-marvel-iconGet your gauze and Tylenol ready: Painkiller Jane is heading to the silver screen.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the Soska Sisters, Jen and Sylvia Soska, twin Canadian film directors who earned acclaim for their 2012 slasher film American Mary, have been tapped to bring Painkiller Jane, the hero of the eponymous Event Comics title created by Joe Quesada (Marvel Comics’ Daredevil and The Amazing Spider-Man) and Jimmy Palmiotti (DC Comics’ Jonah Hex and Batwing). Jane, a former police officer, gains extraordinary regenerative powers (think Wolverine), but with all the pain that accompanies injury, hence the “Painkiller” bit.

The Soska Sisters come by working with this type of material honestly. In addition to garnering well-deserved praise for American Mary, the duo are in post-production with the film See No Evil 2, a sequel to the 2006 slasher film, to be released later in 2014. They also recently finished filming the WWE Films movie Vendetta. As such, I am more-than-certain that the bloody, bloody element of gore that this type of film demands will be full-tilt in their hands. In addition, in the past they have expressed their enthusiasm for and love of the comic book genre, including Deadpool and the X-Men.

This isn’t the first time that Jane has been adapted for live-action media. In 2005, the SyFy channel televised a two-hour movie that would pave the way for a 22-episode series in 2007.

The comic book series co-creator Palmiotti and Stephen L. Herureux will produce the venture. The release date for Painkiller Jane is TBD.