Evil Dead Rise, the newest installment in the Evil Dead series that began with the first film in 1978 from director Sam Raimi, is set to debut this Friday, April 21st in theaters across the United States. This movie features the Necronomicon, also known as The Book of Dead, seen in the other films in the franchise, albeit in a different form. The cursed tome weaves its way into the lives of a new family, whose familial struggles are compounded by this ancient evil.

Rise is directed and written by Lee Cronin (The Hole in the Ground), with Raimi acting as executive producer. Raimi spoke about the film last month at the Lexington Comic and Toy Con in Lexington, Kentucky during a panel he shared with his brother, actor Ted Raimi. The filmmaker was asked about the style of Evil Dead Rise.

“Its style has been redone so many times and so frequently. For Evil Dead Rise, did you have a challenge where you were looking at it and thinking, ‘How do I make this fresh?’” the panel’s moderator asked.

“No,” replied Raimi, “because I had the great fortune of working with Lee Conin, who is such an original filmmaker and writer that he provided all the originality that was needed. My job was to support Lee and I think he did a remarkable job.”

He added, “I think the best thing to do with brilliant filmmakers is to stay out of their way and not mess with their vision.”

Later in the panel, the moderator turned his attention to the Oldsmobile Delta 88, Raimi’s car that he named “The Classic” and has famously appeared in several of his films, beginning with first Evil Dead installment.


“How much did you have to argue to get the Classic into [the Marvel Studios film] Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness [which Raimi directed]?” the moderator asked.

Raimi replied, “That was [Marvel Studios President Kevin] Feige,” Raimi answered. “He asked, ‘What role is the car playing?’ to which I said, ‘Talk to my car’s agent.’”

We’ll see if the Classic makes another appearance in a Rami film when Evil Dead Rise debuts in the United States this Friday, April 21st.