While Netflix’s Daredevil series featuring the titular superhero and Man without Fear of Hell’s Kitchen enjoyed a popular second season, there had yet to be any sort of official word whether ol’ Horn-head would get a third go-around. However, while speaking at a panel during the first day of this year’s San Diego Comic Con, Marvel’s Joe Quesada confirmed that Daredevil would indeed be getting another solo go around his New York stomping grounds.

Still, the “when” is up in the air. Quesada didn’t give word as to season three’s premiere date, but it’s assumed it’ll be sometime after Marvel’s Defenders series hits Netflix in the spring of 2017. Defenders will unite Daredevil, Luke Cage (whose series premieres this September), Jessica Jones (whose series just got picked up for a second season), and Iron Fist (whose first season just wrapped).

Daredevil season three, starring Charlie Cox, will hit Netflix… sometime.