Writer Dan Slott has helped to guide Peter Parker’s stories in The Amazing Spider-Man for the past 10 years. He’s helped usher Peter from everything such as making it through “Brand New Day” through contending with Otto Octavius taking over his identity to Peter running his own tech company. Before he leave ASM to write Iron Man for Marvel, Slott has one final story in him, pitting Spidey against the Red Goblin, a hybrid of Norman Osborn and the symbiote Carnage.

Carnage and Osborn get acquainted.

While issue #801 is technically Slott’s final issue, #800 is the final showdown between the Red Goblin and the wall-crawler, as well as the first Marvel series to hit that issue number milestone. As we come closer to that key installment, Marvel has released the Alex Ross cover to ASM #800 that will commemorate the occasion.

The Amazing Spider-Man #800, writer Dan Slott’s penultimate issue, hits newsstands on May 30th from Marvel.

From the official press release:

For ten years, Dan Slott has taken Peter Parker on crazy and spectacular adventures throughout the Marvel Universe – and as he races towards his final issue, there’s no reprieve for the webslinger. “Go Down Swinging” takes Spider-Man on his most harrowing journey yet, and fans agree: the red hot arc has been an epic hit, with issues #794-796 selling out before they even hit comic shops!

Now, in issue #800, Slott and artist Stuart Immonen will unveil the biggest Peter Parker and Norman Osborn story of all time, joined by artists Humberto Ramos, Giuseppe Camuncoli and Jim Cheung. It’s the first Marvel comic EVER to hit 800 issues, and we’re celebrating by bringing readers an epic and oversized anniversary issue – featuring 80 pages of a brand-new story from the writer who has written more issues of AMAZING SPIDER-MAN than any other creator!

Before Dan Slott takes his final bow in AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #801, dive into one of the most exciting stories in Spider-Man lore – culminating in the conclusion that has Spider-Man facing his most terrifying villain yet!

“AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #800 is the biggest single-issue story I’ve ever worked on,” shared editor Nick Lowe. “It’s 80 pages of story! And Dan and Stuart are being joined by some very important past AMAZING SPIDER-MAN artists to bring it to you in the coolest way possible! Everything you’ve loved about Dan Slott’s run on this book is on full display in this monumental issue that will have you shivering, crying, cheering, laughing and wishing it would never end!”

You’ve never seen – or read – a story like this. It’s a Mighty Marvel tale that sets the stage for Spider-Man’s future…and you won’t want to miss it!

THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #800 hits comic shops this May!



Written by DAN SLOTT


Cover by ALEX ROSS

On-Sale 5/30/18