With the live-action versions of Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist all having debuted separately in their own respective Netflix series, the streaming service is looking to August, when The Defenders miniseries drops, bringing the four street-level heroes together to throw shade and snark and battle Sigourney Weaver. Today, viewers were treated to the first full-length trailer for the upcoming hero-fest, set to Nirvana’s “Come As You Are”–and ain’t that appropriate?

There is so much about the two-minute+ footage that gets our adrenaline, from the reappearance of Elektra to Sigourney Weaver’s Alexandra’s steely, villainous resolve to the Defenders-versus-ninja melee that lets the crew cut loose. However, the best parts of the trailer are the character moments that we get to witness, seeing as these heroes we’ve grown to love, root for, and feel for coming together for the first time. Who can’t help but smile at comic book partners Iron Fist and Luke Cage throwing down upon first meeting? Or Jessica smarting off to fellow wise-ass Matt Murdock? Or Claire Temple acting as the Agent Coulson of the Marvel Netflix universe, the cohesive gel that stresses how much these folks need one another?

The complete first season of The Defenders drops on Netflix on August 18th, and it can’t get here soon enough.