The newest season of Adult Swim’s Robot Chicken, the celebrated series that takes aim at all matters of society and pop culture, is moving ahead full-steam, with a new episode hitting this Sunday, March 20th. This week’s episode takes aim at everything from The Lion King to Internet surfing to The Golden Girls. With all of our Golden Girls sadly gone, it’ll be nice to see them on the screen, even if it’s in a satirical light.


Check out “May Cause an Excess of Ham,” this week’s episode of Robot Chicken, hits Adult Swim, and the Adult Swim app this Sunday, March 20th, at 12AM ET.

From the official press release:

WHAT: Don’t miss a new episode of Robot Chicken. In “May Cause an Excess of Ham,” Robot Chicken tells the Lion King tale from the POV of the wildebeests. Check out what happens when a mouse accepts a browser cookie, and watch the Golden Girls discover the otherworldy and deadly secret behind St. Olaf!

WHEN: Sunday, March 20 at 12 a.m. ET/PT

WHERE: Adult Swim,, and the Adult Swim app.