Ever since the dawning of the much anticipated/maligned New 52, DC Comics’ Batman title has been a thing of sheer, unadulterated badassery thanks in no small part to the art stylings of Greg Capullo. In fact, his art is so influential to the look of the Bat-family, that toys soon followed based on Capullo’s art. With the release of Series 2 of the DC Collectibles‘ Greg Capullo Designer Series line of action figures, one stands head and shoulders above the rest. Literally. It’s the Thrasher Suit Batman figure and it is a hunk of plastic and destruction!

I review it in the video above, and answer any questions about whether that Bruce Wayne head can be snapped onto another body. *SPOILER ALERT* It can.

Also, there’s a definite f**k up on my part as I announce the Thrasher Suit Batman figure costs $49.95. Well, that’s not the case. It’s actually only $39.95! So take that extra ten spot and buy yourself a couple hotdogs– just like Batman would do!

Video shot, edited, and tied up for the cops to find by: Tyler Whitaker