Always bet on comic book creator Tom Scioli. What makes his work so engrossing—beyond just his seemingly-effortless talent—is the unbridled love for comics that he pours into his work. From books like Fantastic Four: Grand Design and his biographies on Stan Lee and Jack Kirby to his brand-new creations he posts on social media, Scioli’s enthusiasm is infectious. He’s bringing one of his own characters to life in the Kickstarter for the horror-themed superhero known as Witchman. The campaign, going on now, is to bring a comic starring the hero to life, with an aesthetic and storytelling sensibility that harkens back to the Golden Age era of the four-colored medium.



As Scioli details on the official Kickstarter page:

I’ve created many comics and graphic novels but it’s been a while since I created a new superhero. Enter WITCHMAN, a dark avenger of the night, who has taken up the ways of magic to fight the forces of evil.

I love the comics medium and I love superheroes. I’ve created a lot of different comics and graphic novels in various formats, but it’s been a while since the last time I worked on a creator-owned superhero comic. The idea of creating a new superhero and bringing it into the world is too good to pass up.

I decided to go back to my self-publishing roots, like when I won the Xeric Grant and created the Myth of 8-Opus. Things have changed a lot since then. The Xeric Grant no longer exists, but Kickstarter does, and but that’s exactly the way I can make this dream a reality. I wanted to create a superhero whose style and appearance was based in horror, like some of the classic superheroes of the Golden and Silver Age, who dress up as bats or spiders or might be monsters themselves, but despite their creepy appearance, always fought to make the world a better place.

Part of how Witchman makes the world a better place is by using magic he’s learned in his studies to combat the forces of evil, a tale told in a “self-contained epic superhero story.” Just look at the preview pages; you can’t help but smile and be taken back to a time of action-packed, novel yarns of derring-do.

As of press time, the Kickstarter for Witchman has more than met its initial funding goal with 15 days left to go. Check out the campaign and order your own copy of this sure-to-be fun book! Always bet on Scioli.