It seems like it’s a day for “great news with caveats” in terms of when some of our favorite pieces of pop culture will rear their heads again. This time, it’s about Adult Swim’s beloved cartoon pastiche Venture Bros., whose last episode aired well over 500 days ago, in those heady times when a broken-mirror cartoon character wasn’t residing in the White House. While such a long span of time has had fans wringing their hands, worried when Team Venture would return, a bumper on Adult Swim last night gave fans some relief. Some. Check out the video one fan caught of the news.

Yep, you read correctly: 400+ days until season 7 premieres. Which, again, while that’s an interminable wait to see Dean, Brock, Hank, and the gang, at least we know Venture Bros. will return. So, Go Team Venture!