One of the oft-touted benefits of webcomics is that it can give voices to those who might otherwise not have the opportunity to work in more traditional print comics. There’s been an ongoing cry for more diversity in the medium for some time, with only modest headway being made. But since almost anyone can get their work online, webcomics can be an outlet in a way that print comics can’t for women and minorities. Since it’s the last Wednesday of Black History Month, I thought I’d take the opportunity here to highlight a by-no-means-comprehensive list of webcomics currently produced by Black creators.

Addanac City by George Ford
“A town filled with the strangest, most amusing citizens around.”

Bounce! by Chuck Collins
“A comic strip of a peaceful bouncer in a city full of self-entitled douche-bags.”

Dynagirl by Cary Kelley and Harold Edge
“A webcomic starring a superhero single mom!”

Fried Chicken & Sushi by Khalid Birdsong
“A humorous look at living in Japan from the perspective of Karl and his friends.”

M.F.K. by Nilah Magruder
“It’s about Abbie, who just wants to get to the mountain range, scatter her mother’s ashes, and then live out her life in sweet, blissful solitude. Unfortunately…”

On the Grind by George Gant
“The caffeine-fueled comic that doesn’t cost $4 every morning!”

Protege by Terence Anthony and Juan Romera
“An action comic book set in the world of high-tech espionage, international assassins and shadowy operatives.”

A Pug Named Fender by Trel Robinson
“The life and times of the coolest pug ever.”

The Revolutionary Times by Brandon Howard and Sean Anthony Mack
“Two young revolutionaries on their journey to shake up the establishment along with their mature baby cousin.”

Tall N Curly by Tall N. Curly
“So I’m tall. And I’m curly. Very tall. And very curly.”

Watch Your Head by Cory Thomas
“Follow the lives of five college students as they awkwardly negotiate adulthood.”

There’s a pretty broad range of genres, themes, and styles here. I think they’re all worth checking out, and I’m sure just about everyone will find something here that sparks their interest!