Writer Brian Michael Bendis is one of the most accomplished and prolific comic book writers of the past 20 years. While his work on such series as New AvengersPowers, and Daredevil have made proved him to be a wordsmith beyond compare, his writing on Marvel MAX’s Alias sparkles as one of the shining jewels in his literary crown. Following retired superhero Jessica Jones in her work as a private investigator, Alias won acclaim from critics across the comic book community, leading to the award-winning Netflix series Marvel’s Jessica Jones.



With Jessica back in the spotlight, it was only a matter of time before the hard-nosed heroine was given the much deserved attention she deserves back in the funny books. While she’s currently co-starring in Marvel’s Power Man and Iron Fist–she’s Power Man’s wife, after all–this fall, Jessica returns to her own ongoing comic in Jessica Jones #1. Written by Bendis with art by Alias artist Michael Gaydos, the series will follow Jessica as she reopens her private eye firm Alias Investigations when ghosts from her past come a’knockin’. Marvel has released the details in their official press release:

After a decade, Jessica Jones is back in an all-new solo series! This fall, one of the most complex characters of the Marvel Universe returns for an all-new mystery from the original creative team — Brian Michael Bendis (Civil War II, Invincible Iron Man, Spider-Man, Alias) Michael Gaydos (Alias, Avengers), and David Mack (Alias, Daredevil).

A lot has changed in the Marvel Universe over the past ten years and there are still many secrets hiding in the shadows. Secrets only a special woman like Jessica Jones can hope to uncover. So what haunting secrets from Jessica’s past come back to cause havoc? Speaking with IGN, series writer, Brian Michael Bendis said, “You’re going to find out about it in the first issue. We’re going to open up a book where Jessica’s world has blown up in her face. She’s at a place you’ll least expect her. You’re going to find all of her relationships have altered. And we’re slowly going to find out why.”

A lot has happened to Jessica Jones since her debut, but the biggest difference that will be a factor in this new series is the baby girl, Danielle, she had with husband, and former Avenger, Luke Cage.

“Luke and Jessica have tried to raise a baby in a very dangerous environment. We talked about this during [New] Avengers, you’re raising a baby in Avengers Mansion and somebody’s trying to knock that building over every four days…so your perspective changes, and as an investigator and a detective her perspective will change because she’s a mother,” continued Bendis. “I know some people are worried about that baby being dragged like a sack of potatoes that holds down the story or something, but I can think of many ways to tell the story celebrate this part of her life and at the same time complicates it to a degree that a lot of people can relate to. I think a lot of people can relate to trying to ‘do it all.’ Lord knows I can.”

What unsolved mysteries have fallen through the cracks and what dark secrets have been unrevealed within the Marvel Universe? Alias Investigations is open for business and Jessica Jones is on the case.

Jessica Jones #1, written by Brian Michael Bendis with Michael Gaydos on art, hits this fall from Marvel Comics.