So if you live under a rock you possibly missed one of the 3,472 websites reporting (and racing for that coveted search and social traffic!) that Zack Snyder released a single pic on Twitter of Batfleck from his upcoming Batman vs. Superman film. Admittedly, it looks awesome, you can see right above, and it’s definitely Batman. Looks really cool, shuts up some naysayers, and is sort or our first visual proof that Batman and Superman on the big screen together is really happening.

Minor sidebar rant: What the fuck was everyone expecting? It NOT to look like Batman? It’s like, OK, that’s Batman, looks sort of like he did in the last 7 movies but just a little different. Wait, OMG! THE EARS ARE A CENTIMETER SMALLER! Sorry, moving on…

Naturally, you’d already seen that picture before you got here on all your nerd-buddies’ Facebook pages, and possibly read some super SEO-optimized articles about said costume. Gotta pay the bills, right? So why are you here? I’ll tell ya! To find out what that thing is that Batfleck is staring at!


Batfleck J-Lo


Or is it this:

batfleck daredevil


Or maybe Alfred left him a special order of his favorite pancakes!

batfleck pancakes


Or his new sidekick:



Citizen Wayne:



It’s official! Arrow and MOS share the same universe:



The Dark Jedi Knight: