Catching Up on Marvel Legends Amazon Exclusive Avengers

Catching Up on  . . . the Amazon Exclusive Marvel Legends Infinite Avengers: Age of Ultron Boxed Set.

by Troy Brownfield

That’s quite a name, isn’t it? Regardless, this past fall, Hasbro released an Amazon Exclusive Boxed set that contained the remaining main movie Avengers that had not been featured in the previous Marvel Legends Infinite Thanos assortment. The set rounds out the rest of the big six (Thor, Black Widow, and Hawkeye), and also includes Dr. Bruce Banner. Originally priced at $79.99, the set is still available for $59.99 as of this writing ( Here’s our take . . .

Thor: This is a nice version of the Odinson, wearing his costume from the opening of the film (sleeveless, etc.). The Hemsworth likeness is fairly solid, and the height (and actual weight) of the figure make it stand out. Mjolnir is appropriately large, and the costume carries a lot of detail.

Hawkeye: I’m a little torn on Hawkeye. The Jeremy Renner likeness is good, and the accessories (bow and quiver) have great attention to detail. However, the figure is a lot like the Wal-Mart Exclusive that was released with the first film. I would have preferred that Hawkeye, like Thor, wore the outfit from the opening Hydra Battle sequence. Regardless, this is a well-done figure overall, and a movie-Hawkeye-less collector would be happy to have it.

Banner: Probably the best likeness of the four. It’s a welcome change to have a nice, full-sized figure of Banner. I recall in the mid ‘90s Toy Biz line, we got a truly puny Banner. This is one, however, is excellent for what it is, and that’s an unexpected choice to really fill out the MCU ranks in figure form. I was pleasantly surprise with how much I liked it.

Black Widow: This is the third Marvel Legends scale Black Widow since 2012 (the first was from the Wal-Mart Exclusive line-up, while the second, with interchangeable heads, was in the Captain America: The Winter Solider Assortment of 2014), and it might be the best. The Wal-Mart exclusive sported, in my opinion, thinner arms. The 2014 installment improved on the body type. This version, updated and redecoed with the blue piping seen in the Age of Ultron film, probably gives us the best representation. The head resembles the pack-in head of 2014, which, again, in my opinion, was the better of the two. Widow also comes with baton accessories and sculpted on Widow’s Bite gauntlets. It’s a strong figure.

While I understand some fans lamenting that these figures were exclusive, Amazon has been good about frequently cutting the price on special offers. The set is also automatically above the free shipping threshold for non-Prime users, which is an added bonus. I’m happy to have this set in order to give a bigger picture of the MCU on my shelf (as seen here with other MCU Age of Ultron characters and one erstwhile photobomber). I’ll call this set Recommended.


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