AMC’s “The Walking Dead” isn’t nearly as good as the comic it’s based on. There, I said it! Because it’s true! Refute it all you want little lemmings, but Kirkman and Adlard’s tale of despair is far more poignant on the page. Still, that doesn’t mean the show is without its merits, and I actually dig it quite a bit. With the current season on hiatus until 2015, McFarlane Toys is making sure you TWD addicts still get your fix with the release of their 10″ Rick Grimes action figure!

The Rick Grimes figure is technically more of a statue thanks to its static pose, but damn does it ever look good on a shelf! It retails for around 30 to 40 bucks and is available now in comic and specialty stores… and here.

Video shot, edited, and hidden deep in the bowels of a prison fortress by: Tyler Whitaker