Don Thacker’s Motivational Growth is the kind of the movie that – excuse the pun – grows on you. The surreal comedy about a lonely shut-in Ian (Adrian DiGiovanni) and his talking fungus frenemy, the Mold (Jeffrey Combs!) makes its debut this week via Devolver Digital.

It’s an… odd movie and packed to the gills with all sorts of flourishes that make desperate hero Ian dive in and out of sci-fi nightmares, sketchy encounters with his building superintendent, and somehow, it’s all set to a chiptune score by Alex Mauer.

From the official synopsis:

After a failed TV set leads to a failed suicide attempt, depressed and reclusive Ian Folivor (Adrian DiGiovanni) begins taking life advice from a fungal growth in his filthy bathroom.

A surprisingly smooth talking chunk of aspergillus, The Mold (Jeffrey Combs) works to win Ian’s trust by helping him clean himself up, remodel his lifestyle and, with luck, make some headway with the girl next door.

When Ian begins receiving strange messages from his broken television set, however, the reality of his restyled life begins to crumble, exposing the gruesome and disturbing world into which Ian has actually been cast.

And we want to help the Mold spread, and to that end, we’ve been given five digital prize packs from the film to give away over the weekend.

Here’s what’s included in the prize pack:

• A download code for Motivational Growth
• (Behind-the-Scenes) Featurette – Grime Blood & Goo: The Gore in Motivational Growth (12:38)
• Featurette – Inspiring Growth: The Mold (11:21)
• Featurette – The Fall of Ian: The Stunts on Motivational Growth (12:37)
• Featurette – The Mold Knows, Jack: The Characters in Motivational Growth (20:26)
• Two trailers
• Storyboard Images
• Stills
• Posters
• Original script
• Commentary track with director Don Thacker and star Adrian DiGiovanni

To win a copy, simply RT the link to this giveaway (and be sure you’re following @FreakSugar) before Monday, October 6 at 11:59 PM PT. That’s all ya gotta do. Motivational Growth is available via VOD from Devolver Digital.