The sixth season premiere of HBO’s Game of Thrones drops on April 24th and, if this newest trailer is any indication, there will be reckonings a’plenty.

The new footage packs a dragon’s hoard of goodies in the scant two minutes we’re treated to. Jon Snow is still not-so-alive, with things at the Wall becoming increasingly more tense. Despite her ill-chosen moves last season, Arya has been given another chance to truly become No One. And Tyrion is adjusting to his role as the leader of the Meereen.

However, what personally got me excited beyond all of those morsels were the glimpses of Sansa Stark and the Lannisters. Ms. Stark is shown preparing to exert some badassery, displaying more of the backbone she demonstrated toward the end of last season, with an eye on exacting revenge on the demented and cruel Ramsay Bolton. And with Jaime Lannister back in King’s Landing, he appears not to cotton to the treatment that the High Sparrow enacted on his sister and paramour Cersei. Yes, the elder Lannister kids aren’t exactly nice folks, but I have to admit that it’ll be highly satisfying if the Sparrows are given their comeuppance.

The season six premiere of Game of Thrones airs on HBO on Sunday, April 24th.