Wow, what a weekend!

Most of the Developmental Talent crew descended upon Nashville, TN for the 1/3/15 Ring of Honor TV tapings. It was 4 solid hours of eye-gougingly amazing wrestling— followed by us scoring a couple of exclusive interviews! On Sunday, 1/4/15 we bore witness to the Global Force Wrestling-distributed New Japan Wrestle Kingdom 9… and ANOTHER 4 hours of amazing wrestling was then burned into our eyeholes!

Immediately following all of that, we recorded this 13th episode. Prepare to hear the musings of sleepless fans, held up only by our wrestling-highs!

Tonight’s Segments Include:

– Exclusive Interview with ROH Top Prospect, former head of security, and current member of the House of Truth: J. Diesel!

– The Figure Five

– This Week In Wrestling History

– Post-Per-View (Wrestle Kingdom 9)

– The Declaration of Independents (spoiler-free ROH talk)

– The Word on Badstreet

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As a bonus, here’s the video of our interview with J. Diesel:

Sound Editing- Tyler Whitaker
Voiceovers- Courtney Brooke