Developmental Talent, the Freaksugar-exclusive professional wrestling podcast is back for another week’s worth of grappling-related nonsense! The WWE, Ring of Honor, New Japan, & TNA are all discussed this go-around– and by “discussed” I mean, geeked-out about. Naturally.

Ring of Honor’s #Reborn MATT SYDAL graced us with an interview after the TV tapings in Nashville, TN. on 1/3/15. You’ll notice I totally screw the pooch when asking about Matt’s rehabbing of his broken foot. Blame it on my lack of sleep. Or the lack of mental capacity left from witnessing amazing wrestling. Or me just being a hack. I won’t care. Regardless, Sydal saves it, like the PR pro he is!

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As a bonus, here’s the video of our interview with Matt Sydal:

Sound Editing- Tyler Whitaker
Voiceovers- Courtney Brooke