The Wrap is reporting that Platinum Dunes is in negotiations with David Bruckner to direct the next installment (sequel? reboot?) in Paramount’s hard-to-kill franchise.

Bruckner directed the Amateur Night segment in the first V/H/S, featuring a trio of bros whose planned sexcapade with a girl from the club turns bloody. Last year, Shock Til You Drop was reporting that Paramount and Platinum Dunes were looking for scripts that could work Jason into the found footage aesthetic and Bruckner’s hiring seems to bear that out.

For Paramount, the move makes sense: the Paranormal Activity series has brought in nearly $400 million since 2009, and those didn’t cost anything to shoot or promote. Even the most recent installment, The Marked Ones, stumbled in terms of the franchise average at $32 million, but when your movie costs $5 million to shoot, it’s all profit. Sweet, shaky cam, grainy profit.

I’m not going to go all “get off my lawn, kids” here, but the last time a slasher franchise tried to get with the times, it was 2002’s Halloween Resurrection. It involved the ‘Internet’ and it was dumb. At the same time, the mockumentary Behind the Mask offered one of the best dissections/tributes to the genre in recent years.

If this all works out, expect to see the next Friday the 13th Friday, March 13, 2015.

[Source: The Wrap]