On Tuesday, September 1st, NextChapter—a graphic media publisher and distributor formed by and launching from The Great Company—will release its creator-inspired collection in conjunction with veteran artist Sean Chen. NextChapter has exclusively told FreakSugar that Chen’s Wingman: Compendium of an Artist’s First Writing Experience, will be only be available on NextChapter’s website for 24-hours only, starting at 10:00 AM PDT. The storybook, according to NextChapter, will give fans a look into Chen’s creative process. Further, a select few random fans who purchase the book will also receive an autographed sketch from Chen.

What’s more, NextChapter is partnering with Machi X DAO so that fans may attend a virtual art gallery to purchase Non Fungible Token copies of Wingman along with actual physical storybooks. At this virtual gallery, NextChapter is giving fans the opportunity to also purchase Non Fungible Token copies of sketches of a variety of pop culture mainstays such as Bruce Lee, Harley Quinn, and Batman Beyond. The video below gives you a peek at some of the drawings that will be available.


NextChapter is giving fans and creators a way to connect in a way that they haven’t before, especially in these weird, socially-distant times and hopes that this alternative is a long-lasting one even beyond the pandemic.

NextChapter’s first collection release, in partnership with Sean Chen, starts on Tuesday, September 1st, at 10:00 AM PDT. You can check out the pre-order page here!

From the official press release:

NextChapter’s First Digital Product Drop Lands September 1

NextChapter and veteran artist Sean Chen to release limited first edition run of Wingman: Compendium of an Artist’s First Writing Experience and partnering with Machi X DAO to host virtual art gallery featuring original artwork from Sean Chen’s personal archive

Los Angeles, CA, August, 26, 2020 – NextChapter will deliver their first creator inspired collectible via their inaugural creative partnership with Sean Chen, veteran comic artist turned author, on Tuesday, September 1st. The graphic media publisher and distributor will provide fans a unique opportunity to obtain insight into Sean’s creative process with Wingman: Compendium of an Artist’ First Writing Experience. The graphic storybook will be exclusively available as limited first editions beginning at 10:00am PDT on September 1st for 24-hours only at NextChapterPost.com, and a lucky number of randomly selected fans will also receive an autographed, original sketch from Sean along with their coffee table ready storybook. Fans can pre-order their copy now at NextChapter’s online shop.  

Additionally, in an effort to continue to foster a space where fans can directly connect with artists, NextChapter is partnering with Machi X DAO to create a unique experience for fans to attend a virtual art gallery where they will be able to purchase NFT (Non Fungible Token) copies of Wingman: Compendium of an Artist’s First Writing Experience along with physical copies of the storybook. The gallery will be filled with other original sketches of some of Sean’s favorite characters such as Wolverine, Ironman, Harley Quinn, Batman Beyond, Vultron and Bruce Lee! All of which will be available for purchase as limited edition NFTs. The event will be powered by Crypto Vexels on September 1st at 5:00pm PDT, and Sean will join at 5:15pm PDT to walk attendees through the gallery and share a bit of his inspiration behind each drawing and the storybook itself. Attendees will get to create an avatar and fit them with the finest crypto threads in the metaverse! Check out the event page to register.

Sean Chen is a renowned Asian American artist who has been the creative force behind characters for Valiant, Marvel, and DC Comics, many of which have been spun off into films, cartoons, and video games. After 25 years drawing characters such as Bloodshot, Ironman, and Batman Beyond, Sean penned his first original story centered around a Knight from the Crusades who has dodged Death for centuries and now faces the perils of eternal life. Sean describes it in the following way: “Visually, it is a very real-world grounded story about a dying man in the throes of an existential crisis desperately scheming for more time to give himself much-needed closure. In other words, fun stuff!” With this exclusive run of Wingman: Compendium of an Artist’s First Writing Experience, readers will be treated to personalized features from Sean, including a special foreword, creator’s commentary, easter egg reveals, and behind-the-scenes notes that explore his creative undertaking.

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