The prequel to BioWare’s forthcoming new game is in high gear over at Dark Horse Comics. And in our EXCLUSIVE preview of Anthem #2–hitting stands this Wednesday, April 3rd–Jani has a big decision to make. For more, check out the pages below!

ANTHEM #2 cover

ANTHEM #2 page 6

ANTHEM #2 page 7

ANTHEM #2 page 8

ANTHEM #2 page 9

ANTHEM #2 pages 10-11

From the official issue description:


Haunted by the death of her grandmother and distraught from losing her position as a Sentinel–the protectors of the only home she’s ever known–Jani finds solace in stealing a Javelin exosuit and running away from Fort Tarsis. Her impulses lead her to the jungle, where a menacing threat awaits her.

Alexander Freed (Rogue One: A Star Wars Story) and Mac Walters (Mass Effect: Foundation) expand the canon of BioWare’s latest video-game!