This Wednesday, Doctor Fate #10, written by Paul Levitz with Sonny Liew on art, hits newsstands, following the continuing adventurers of DC Comics’ newest mysterious sorcerer! Check out these exclusive preview pages that DC Comics was kind enough to share!

Writer Paul Levitz is brilliant and I’m not talking about his decades-long career crafting tales about characters ranging from the Teen Titans to the Legion of Super-Heroes to Superman–although you can’t help but be in awe of that body of work. No, specifically, I’m referring to the work he’s currently doing with DC Comics’ Doctor Fate, starring the eponymous magic-and-mythology based superhero who’s often got a bit of the weird trapped in his orbit. Doctor Fate has always been a sorcerer who is malleable in the hands of creators just by the nature of his story: Without getting too technical, his powers can be passed down from person to person, giving writers a certain leeway and creative flexibility that other characters don’t come with.

That’s why, when DC launched a new Doctor Fate series, Mr. Levitz distilled the character concept back to its original roots, while adding thematic elements not explored at the time of Doctor Fate’s creation in 1940. The trappings of Doctor Fate are Egyptian in origin, so Levitz made the current Doctor Fate an Egyptian-American med student wrestling with his competing cultural identities and juggling his studies and being thrust into a new world of magic and the weird. Add in the art Sonny Liew, whose take on Fate is reminiscent of Spider-Man co-creator’s Steve Ditko’s style in the best possible way, and you’ve got a book that’s unlike anything else that DC’s putting on the shelves right now.

Doctor Fate #10, written by Paul Levitz with Sonny Liew on art, is on sale Wednesday from DC Comics.